We Want Your Confidence in Our Care

At Noa Dental, we believe in gaining your confidence by being transparent. We identify your exact needs and explain all the available treatment options (that are appropriate for you), so you can make the best decisions about your treament program and confident in your smile!

Gentle Dental Care in Valencia / Santa Clarita / Castaic, CA

It's quite common for folks to feel nervous or even be afraid of dental treatments. So we go above and beyond to make sure you and your family are comfortable when you are at our office. Our goal is to always provide utmost gentle care for adults and children in the Valencia / Santa Clarita / Castaic area.

3-Step Comfort Injection Technique

Step 1: Numbing Gel
FIrst, we apply high-strength topical gel that provides numbing of the gums. Made of 20% Benzocaine, the gel is applied before an injection is given to help eliminate that initial sting that you may have felt from the needle.
Step 2: Warmed Anesthetic
Second, if you are familiar with that shock you experience as the injection is made in other dental offices, it's because the cold anesthetic solution was being pushed into the gums. To significantly reduce this discomfort, we bring the anesthetic solution to body temperature just before an injection.
Step 3: Masking Pain
Last step employs a revolutionary new technology called the DentalVibe. Noa Dental is one of the few practices in the Valencia area using DentalVibe, a high-tech device that provides soothing vibrations to the gums during an injection. DentalVibe leverages the fact that vibration signals get to the brain faster than pain signals, essentially masking the pain sensation from the injection. With DentalVibe, you wont even realize that you have received a shot!

Patient Amenities

At Noa Dental in Valencia, CA, we offer many patient amenities to ensure you and your family’s dental experiences are most enjoyable. You can enjoy flatscreen TVs both in the lobby and in the operatories. We provide pillows, blankets, and scented towels during the treatment. And we offer complimentary beverages such as cold/hot filtered water, lattes, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, available in our lobby. In addition, we have a courtesy internet station and game station for teens and adults, and toys for the little ones. We believe the difference is in the details and we aim to put your comfort above the rest.

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